Shards issue when trying to add a filter

Hi guys.
My elk platform was working very nice.
I was running filebeat with netflow module.
I also created default dashboard for kibana.
Everything was ok , until tryed to add a filter.
After adding a filter on the "Top Sources [Filebeat Netflow]" visualization.

An red "error" message apeared on dashboard.
Then, going to discover I got:

all shards failed

I can not restablish my platform.
I already tryed removing index , removing index pattern , configuring again and restarting device.
Index is in green status ...
Already set number of replicas to 0.
Any idea would be wellcome.


Few things might help us to get to see whats going wrong.

  1. Do you see any errors in your browser console?
  2. Do you see any errors in your logs? Kibana logs
  3. Can we get a screenshot of the error? and also the full message below all shards failed?


Sure , Here you have some prints:
Btw ... my system goes down after some random time.
I can access to dashboard and so on , but after some time I open it again and I have:


I dont understand why my system is so unestable.

I have not logs for kibana.
Disk is not at 80 percent yet.

Any help would be pretiated.

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