Shards Rebalancing Issue Version 7

ES version 7, Shards are not equally distributing, one data node has more shards, rest of the two data nodes are less number of shards and low disk used.

Replication set to "1" on all indices

Please let me know if any one has this issue in past and how to fix the issue.

What version exactly?
What does _cat/allocation?v show?

ES Version 7.6.2

_cat/allocation now showing disk percent below 70%, four data nodes. When one of the data node's disk percent exceeded 85%, we're seeing all the shards on this node became un-assaigned.

Please note that version is EOL and no longer supported, you should be looking to upgrade as a matter of urgency.

Posting it would be helpful, otherwise we are just guessing at what you are seeing.

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