Share your #ElasticStories

Heya Elastic community!

We’re constantly amazed by the innovation and imagination our community displays with the Elastic Stack. We’ve seen use cases that we couldn’t have imagined. We showcase them on our blog, customer page, and at our Elastic{ON} Tour and community events.

We do this because sharing these stories exposes new and unimaginable possibilities of what can be accomplished with the Elastic Stack. It’s true, knowledge is power.

But a ton of awesome work engineered with the Elastic Stack by our wonderful community of users is going unnoticed by us and our community at large which is what we’d like to change.

The #ElasticStories hashtag is an unfiltered venue to share Elastic Stack stories on Twitter regardless of simplicity or complexity. Whether it is a machine learning, Logstash or Canvas story. An application search or security use case or some insight into how you've implemented maps, cross-cluster replication, or APM. We’d love to hear your Elastic stories!

We will retweet some of these astounding #ElasticStories tweets on our @Elastic account. What’s more, we plan on featuring select #ElasticStories tweets on the Elastic blog and in our Community newsletter. If we find a story that is super inspiring, we might post a writeup — by us or perhaps by you — on our website.

Read the full blog for further information here.