Sharepoint connection to ELK

I have a sharepoint list .Those details needs to be pushed to elastic search. From there I would be performing visualizations in Kibana
Is there any way this sharepoint list data can be added to elastic search
If there is no such plugin, I can export the sharepoint list to a excel iqy file. Can this iqy file be loaded in Logstash
The way I want this to work is as soon as the iqy file is refreshed , the new entries should be pushed to elastic search
Please let me know if the above 2 cases are possible, if not what can be the other ways
Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:


You can try to use the Sharepoint JSON API which can be called from the LogStash http_poller input.
I once used the Sharepoint API to read sharepoint lists to migrate them to GitLab but I did not do it with LogStash. My guess would be:

  • find out the correct URL to read the sharepoint list
  • create a logstash pipeline which polls the list using http_poller
  • you might have to check if the entries are really new(don't know if API supports showing only new/updated entries)
  • write them to ElasticSearch

As far as I know, iqy files do not contain the data - they contain the url and additional parameters required to read the data from the url so I do not think that will help you in this case.

Best regards

Thanks a lot for the reply.
Will try the above method and let you know

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