Sharing Dashboard with filter

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This is a handy tip here about sharing dashboard with a particular name:

Is it possible to also specify a particular filter? like I have a bunch of people from different countries in my data and I only want country='USA' for example.

I do notice url change when filter is specified but it has a ton of things with index GUID and stuff and just very very hard to use.
Is it possible to specify a filter in URL like a the title as shown ?

I want to be able to share a dashboard url with tweakable filter for a certain field, like set country='USA' or country='Canada', for example

(Larry Gregory) #2

Hey @Joseph_Mak,

The filters you specify will be saved with the dashboard, but it's not possible to dynamically assign the filter in the URL for sharing. You could create multiple dashboards if there were only a couple of countries you were interested in.

You could alternatively try out the input controls visualization, which would make it easier for users to specify the country they are interested in:

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