Shield 1.3.2 Released


(Jay Modi) #1

We have released Shield 1.3.2 today. This release fixes bugs related to auditing, LDAP, and the clear cache API. Check out the change list for all of the fixes.

(Jay Modi) #2

(ajay.bh111) #3

Is shield supporting Kerberos authentication with this release. Documentation does not mention it.

(Jay Modi) #4

Hi @ajay_bh111,

Kerberos authentication is not currently supported by Shield. We are working on allowing custom authentication realms with Shield. This would allow Kerberos authentication to be implemented and used with Shield.


(ajay.bh111) #5

Thanks, any expected release or time frame when this will be available.Ajay

(Jakob Reiter) #6

Hi ajay_bh111,

a community plugin for kerberos is now available.


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