Shield Plugin installation problem in Solaris OS using putty


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I am started using elastic search server for my application when i am trying to install the shield & license plugins in Solaris OS by using putty,
Installation command:-
1. bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/license/latest
Error:- bin/plugin:: No such file or directory

I mentioned my elastic search home directory as ES_HOME=/ElasticSearch/QA/node1 when i try to execute the above command in putty i am getting the error.

Note:- Please let me know if i done any wrong in setting ES_HOME Directory and as well as any other configuration details.

Please guide me some detailed explanation to install shield in ES..

Ganeshbabu R

(Jay Modi) #2


Are you executing the command from the ES_HOME directory? What is your pwd when you run the command?


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Hi Jay,

Yes, I am executing the command in the ES_HOME path..

pwd path =/ElasticSearch/QA/node1

Ganeshbabu R

(Jay Modi) #4

how did you install elasticsearch? Can you provide the file listing of the bin directory in ES_HOME?

Also, Solaris is not one of our officially supported platforms.

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I just manually downloaded the elasticsearch server from the below link
1. I used the command tar -zxvf elasticsearch-1.7.2.tar.gz to unzip the file.
2. I did some changes in elasticsearch.yml file for some performance tuning purpose.
3. File listing of bin directory in ES_HOME

4. I used CURL commands in putty for monitoring cluster health & state.

Note:- Please guide me to install the shield configuration

Ganeshbabu R

(Jay Modi) #6

Our information for installing Shield is located at

I think the first step is to figure out why bin/plugin fails to execute/be found for you. I see that the output you listed is for /ElasticSearch/QA/node2/bin instead of node1, but I doubt that is the problem.

(ganeshbabu) #7

Need to figure out the solution when executing the bin/plugin. The file listing in both node1 & node2 are same inside the bin folder. I took the sample screenshot from my system.

I tried the below command to install license plugin

$ sudo bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/license/latest -Des.path.conf=/ElasticSearch/QA/node1/config

but i am getting error as ksh: sudo: not found

Is there any solution for this issue?

Ganeshbabu R

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As I am trying to install marvel plugin in elasticsearch server I am getting the following error message

esadmin:cvgsolorap004 -> $ bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest
bin/plugin: test: argument expected

ES_HOME Directory:- /ElasticSearch/QA/node1

Please guide me to install the marvel plugin..


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