Shipping of Heroku Log into elastic cloud

HI All

I am using Heroku to host our application in common runtime and private space. I would like to check what is the best option to ship all the log of Dyno, Prostgres, etc from Heroku to Elastic Cloud.

Anoop Krishna K

Hi @anoopkrishna,

I don't know much about the internals of Heroku, but it seems to be possible to configure a logplex drain that forwards log entries in syslog format. You could try to send those to a logstash or filebeat process and forward to Elasticsearch from there. A quick search lead me to, which describes a setup of that sort.

Hi @weltenwort
Thanks for your response. I have gone through the article which only talks about the application log. I would like to push Metric log as well on Elastic Search. Also, the article is mentioning about hosting a docker application on the cloud to deploy Logstash. Is it possible to include the logstash on Elastic Cloud itself?

Unfortunately we're not yet offering to host Logstash on Elastic Cloud. Could you maybe just deploy it on heroku itself? There seem to be several buildpacks around.

In order for the metrics from the metrics logs to be available I would try parsing them in logstash using a grok and related filters. It's might be a bit tricky, though, because I couldn't find a good documentation for the heroku metric log format.