AWS Cloudwatch > Logstash > Elasticsearch

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I was designing a log filtering process and I would like to know if there is a way to send logs from AWS Cloudwatch to our logstash docker container in a server and from there being processed to be indexed in Elasticsearch?

Architectural Model:

AWS Cloudwatch logs > Logstash filtering > Elasticsearch > Kibana

Trying to keep it simple, but the piece between AWS and logstash not 100% sure how to implement it.

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The logstash lamba by jrbeilke works like a charm.
Might take some little tweaking as it's old code but it works great in sending your logs to logstash.

You can then add a subscribtion on your cloudwatch logs you want to have send to logstash

This is really great Sholzhauer, I was reviewing it anddo you know more about those tweaks that may be needed to use it? It is required to specify in the code the cloudwatch log group or can be as generic as it is?

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I believe you will have to update some parameters at the top (mainly output etc).
From there you can use a lambda subcription on your loggroups.

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