Shipping PCF application logs to Elastic Stack

Hello all,

Have you ever configured PCF (Cloud Foundry) to send application logs to Logstash?

I read an article which we can create a syslog service and bind it to the application on PCF, like bellow:
cf cups log-drain -l syslog://:5000
cf bind-service nv00-devintegration-ciswriteservice log-drain

However, I am thinking if we have three Logstash node, how can we configure PCF to have all three Logstash server address to send to all of them, if any of the Logstahs server is not responding... Any idea please?

In addition, rather than syslog services, which we can configure, can we install any Beats on PCF applications?

Please share with any document if you have for PCF-Elastic stack integration

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