Short Url Copy Link Under Paramalink not working

Hi Team,

After observing the calls of localhost kibana setup on pasting Copy link short url from paramalinks in another tab , i found out a redirection is happening with status code 302.
Even the response is containing a location attribute which is having the snapshot at a particular instant.

Network call in my case is https://serverAddress/amdashboard/proxy/goto/ef23b6a4f287e80ff0820ac3251b48ba
is responding me with 404 and no location attribute attached in response.
No redirection is happening .

Please help me to fix this.

Attaching local host image down.

I think it might be because:

  • the URL behind the shortened URL is too long
  • the Dashboard or visualization pointed to the URL doesn't exist anymore

I also noticed you seem to access to Kibana via https://serverAddress/amdashboard/proxy/goto/...

But in the screenshot you have http://localhost:5601/zgc/goto/....

  • What is the actual length of the dashboard URL once expanded?
  • Is Kibana behind a reverse proxy (E.g. nginx)?

Thanks for such quick reply!

Kibana Version ---> 7.4.2

My server base path ---> /amdashboard/proxy

Short URl i want to access--> http://serverAddress/amdashboard/proxy/goto/02b0323c1012b0dc2bdc58c041cb46f3

The actual URL once expanded is ->>

Copy pasting expanded url works fine but if trying from short url, it is failing.

But why the browser traces show a different url?

Actually i was working parallely with two setups one with local host server, other with different server local host it is working fine....but in my server it is failing for sort url.

Oh ok understood.
Is there a chance you could share the HAR file from the browser keeping the traces after the redirect?


In the server.har file you've shared, the request to /amdashboard/proxy/goto/02b0323c1012b0dc2bdc58c041cb46f3 returns 404, meaning it doesn't exist.

Thank you!

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