Kibana does not load short link (behind reverse proxy)

Hello everyone,

Kibana is behind a reverse proxy for be accessible only in network local. When I want to share a link to a message, kibana does not load and stay in white page.

I must go to her link : and after I can go to my short link.

Other people have the same problem ? Which is the problem ? My reverse proxy (apache) ?

Thank you for your answers !

hi @_Alexwii,

that sounds like a bug if this doesn't work.

Could you create a ticket

In the issue, please mention the steps you do to create that link.

please include this info too:

  • what page are you on (e.g. Dashboard, Visualize, ...)
  • whether you use the "Share" button or not.
  • whether you use the regular URL, or use the shortened URL


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