Kibana link always donw when access from external, but always active when use from local server

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I have 1 Server installed Elasticsearch 6.1.1 and Kibana 6.1.1
can access from external http://server:9200 and http://server:5601
but some time cant access i dont know why
i go check on server1 and try to load http:localhost:9200 on browser it work corlecly
then external link work again.
still always happen with this loop
please help

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It's tough to say, it could be a lot of things.

A few questions to hopefully get the ball rolling:
Do you a load balancer or proxy in front of the server? Do the logs on your server indicate kibana or elasticsearch are going down? Is your machine getting consistent dns resolutions? Is it a dedicated server?

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thanks for ur attention, i access directly to kibana on port 5601, no proxy (i mean i install kibana from .deb then i use it)
but now i try to use nginx for first and redirect port 80 from nginx to localhost:5601
and i still monitoring perfomance again. if it work perfectly i will come to tell u
sorry if u cannot understand what i say, i have basic in english language.

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