Should I have one Index or Multiple Indexes

We have a scenario where we have data from multiple clients.
some figures to note:
No of clients - 100
Data/client - 10GB (avg)

With the above data, what should be our Indexing strategy?

We know that we will need to increase the shard count if we go with 1 index solution as data grows, which is not a straightforward process and needs re-indexing. is this reason enough to ignore the single index strategy?

But as we mentioned data per client is going to be ~10GB only, which is a bit low from the recommended shard size(30GB), so can we still go with a multiple index(index/client) strategy?

Prons/ Cons we are aware of:

  1. Shard level scaling would be a challenge on a single index(not sure how much) whereas we will have pre-calculated shards for each index in a multi-indexing strategy.
  2. Searching will be impacted as distribution will happen across all the primary shards and huge data in a single index whereas Searching will be optimized in multiple indexing.


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Going with 1 index is a bad idea, you average data is 1TB
Go with 1 index par client, you should be at 100 indexes
Add 1 replicas for each index for HA, you finish by having 200 shards for 100 indexes (Average of 40GB per index)

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If you use ILM with this, you'll be able to manage things a little easier.

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