Should I move ES to Docker?

I have ES 5.3 and Logstash 5.3 installed on a Centos 7 VM. Lately I've started using Docker for more projects and starting to like it. I need to move ES off of the current host machine onto another so I can use it for another project. It would be easy to just install CentOS 7 on another machine and move data, but should I bother with putting it in a docker image and run everything on the same docker host? I'm running everything on hyperv core. Thanks!

I think this really comes down to personal choice.

I would, it makes upgrades easier :wink:

Is there a guide to migrate to Docker?

Nope, it's simply a containerisation method so we don't treat it any different to if you were moving to/from VMs.

Options are;

  1. Snapshot and restore
  2. Add the docker node to the existing cluster, move data over to it with allocation filtering, then remove the old node(s)

I'll research both, thanks! How about upgrading to ES6 while I'm at it? Can I add an es6 to existing 5.3 single unit cluster?

You will need to upgrade to 5.6.4, but then you can!

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