Should there be a Painless section of the forum?

I'm wondering if the forum could use a dedicated Painless section. I'm working on learning Painless but having a lot of trouble since there isn't a ton of easy ways (from what I understand) of debugging. I think it would be a very valuable resources for people learning the language and to visit to totally immerse yourself in Painless info and questions.


Thanks for raising this.

We're definitely open to creating new sections if there is a need. If you don't mind, we'll see if we can get a bit more feedback on the demand for this, as we also want to balance against creating new sections that end up a bit of a ghost town :slight_smile:

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I think it's totally valid to have such a dedicated forum.
We could (if possible but may be too hard though) try to move all existing threads to this section if we create it.

I can see so many questions about this ^^^

Unless we can at some point add tags to threads, I'm +1 to create a new topic.

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+1 to a Painless category

I can already see a few topics with title prefixed with "Painless"

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