Feature Suggestion Page in Discussion Forums?

(Ryan Downey) #1

I thought I ran across a link or forum page where you could email/input any features that one might think Elastic could use to make their platform better? For instance it would be nice if there was a way to add to closed discussions when you've found a solution to the problem. It would be helpful for those using the forums to see how others got the solution if one was not found prior to the discussion being closed. I get why threads arent allowed to go on and on but having away to post solutions to problems that I've come across would be a nice feature that could save people time.

(Mark Walkom) #2

We're happy to take ideas via the various product GitHub repos :slight_smile:

As you mention, it can be hard to balance keeping topics open versus making sure they have solutions.

One thing we would suggest is to create a new topic and then link to the old one, or use the built in linking functionality to do that.
Then when people visit the old one they will see there is a connection and can easily visit.