Show Current Date and Time in Kibana Dashboard


Is there any way to show current date and time in kibana dashboard. I have tried so many ways but nothing worked

Use vega,

"$schema": "",
"title": "Date",
"data": {
"url": {
"%context%": true,
"%timefield%": "@timestamp",
"index": "_all",
"body": {
"size": 0
"marks": [
"type": "text",
"encode": {
"enter": {
"fill": {"value": "#000"},
"fontSize": {"value": "30"},
"text": {"signal": "timeFormat(now(), '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S')"}
"update": {"x": {"value": "0"}, "y": {"value": "0"}}

Thanks bro for your help but I have one issue with that way I have to refresh the dashboard in every 1 sec to make this reflect

I too need that bro.. still no answer.

Okay bro no problem btw you can put 00 at the place of %s in time format and refresh dashboard in every 20 or 30 seconds.... if it helps you so

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