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I read some stuff about showing images in Kibana in the Discovery screen. Now I was curious and tested some things out. I was able to show URLs as picture, that worked great, but what I wasn't able to do is showing values in fields as a picture of another URL or as an SVG, if there are more than one value inside.

For example for a field value:
{value1}{value2} and {value3}

I'm trying to replace the values inside the brackets with an picture on a specific URL or as an SVG.
I was checking the different string URL formatters and one was showing how to display different country flags at once, but there was no explanation how to do that. I checked scripted fields as well, but compiling the value on the fly might be to resource intense. If there is no other way, I would use this way at last.
I checked the tutorial for your own custom field formatter, but the article is now six years old and I couldn't even find the directory for the formatters.

But for now:
Is there currently a way to do that?

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You need to combine all your parameters using a scripted field.
Then you can take the value of the scripted field as element of your target url for the picture.

So that means I need to check for every different kind of value, such as...


... and so on?
Is there no other way?
The scripted field would be insanely long and would take a lot of time to compute.

I thought you want to use multiple fields as parameters for your picture URL.
But now I guess you have one field that has an array of values inside, right?
Could you describe the nature of the field a bit more so that its easier to understand your requirement?

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