Show images from URLs in data

Is there a way to get Kibana to render images from a URL that it finds in the data? For example, twitter data includes images, it'd be cool to be able to render these within Kibana.


Check out field formatters coming in 4.1:

Perfect, thanks!
Great work on 4.1, some nice features in it, makes overall user experience
even better.

One more question....I have some image data within an array

I've seen the warning in the Discover page that array data isn't well supported, so what's my best option here if I want to get at this data ( in the above screenshot) to render inline? Can I do it with Kibana, or do I need to try and solve it in Logstash? I've looked in the plugins but don't see an obvious place to do it there either.


Unfortunately we just don't handle objects in arrays yet, you'd have to pull that out somehow.