Storing and resolving URLs

Kibana 4.3 and ES 2.1, LS 2.0 and SH2.0

Is there a way to render small images in Kibana whose URLs are store/retrieved from ES?! Example - a small image url of a thumbnail is stored in one of the doucments. How could I get Kibana to render that image in search results instead of showing the URL string ?!

I found the URL type in Kibana Settings - I'm trying to make it work with the default image that ships with Kibana. HOw to I assign a value ("go", "stop", etc) to the **value ** variable so that it will render that go.png or stop.png images?

Does the value have to come from one of the fields in the document, or can a string value be assigned based on logic? If condition1, then "go.png", else "stop.png"?!

Based on your screen shot it looks like you're trying to use the scripted fields feature. Unfortunately that only works with numbers.

Ok - I I've tried another approach. I used the URL formatter on the orderingCountry field. THe URL formatter template is this: /ui/public/stringify/icons/{{value}}.png

Which resolves to this in the Discover search results:

All good now - thx

This can be done with a plugin... I will post an example back here tomorrow.

I didn't forget about you... I put together this example of an asset plugin that you can use.

Awesome - exactly what I was looking for - thank you. Will try it.

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