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Kibana 4.3 and ES 2.1, LS 2.0 and SH2.0

Is there a way to render small images in Kibana whose URLs are store/retrieved from ES?! Example - a small image url of a thumbnail is stored in one of the doucments. How could I get Kibana to render that image in search results instead of showing the URL string ?!

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I found the URL type in Kibana Settings - I'm trying to make it work with the default image that ships with Kibana. HOw to I assign a value ("go", "stop", etc) to the **value ** variable so that it will render that go.png or stop.png images?

Does the value have to come from one of the fields in the document, or can a string value be assigned based on logic? If condition1, then "go.png", else "stop.png"?!

(Chris Cowan) #3

Based on your screen shot it looks like you're trying to use the scripted fields feature. Unfortunately that only works with numbers.

(James) #4

Ok - I I've tried another approach. I used the URL formatter on the orderingCountry field. THe URL formatter template is this: /ui/public/stringify/icons/{{value}}.png

Which resolves to this in the Discover search results:

All good now - thx

(Chris Cowan) #5

This can be done with a plugin... I will post an example back here tomorrow.

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I didn't forget about you... I put together this example of an asset plugin that you can use.

(James) #7

Awesome - exactly what I was looking for - thank you. Will try it.

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