Use of URLs in Kibana


I´m using Kibana in combination of ES for a Managed File System and I created recently a Retention Handler that cleans up my File System from old files.

For each deleted File I created a simple document in ES. That looks like this:

Important is here the Field _source.File.ResultFilename because I want to create, using script field function of the index pattern, a URL that gives the user a direct link to the File System for Debugging.

So I created my own scripted field that looks like:

I want to create a URL like file:///{path}. But Kibana behaves differently: If I use the discover function of Kibana and click on the label "Goto Dir".

It opens a new tab and goes to the link "http://localhost:5601/app/file:///{path}". I want to remove by default "http://localhost:5601/app/" from the URL. Please can you help me to solve this problem and sorry for my bad English.


Hi @Chris_K, thanks for your question.

Currently only http and https links are allowed within the url formatter.
Linking to files on the local system might be problematic from a security perspective, but you should definitely head over to our Github respository and open a feature request there.

Thank you for the quick response. I will create a workaround with a other Application because the security of your Database is most important :smiley:

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