Show only last records on a chart

(Michael) #1

I made a few Gauges following christophilus advice which visualize how much space is occupied on my servers.

I only care about a status for the present day so my workaround was to save dashboard with the time because I get new record only each day but I want to have my gauges on a dashboard with other charts and thus saving dashboard with the time is not an option.

How do I show only last records on a chart? Can I do it for example using some kind of special query like: TIME >= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - 24h ?

(Lukas Olson) #2

In the visualization itself, click on "add a filter", select your timestamp field, then "is between", and select "now-24h" as the "from" and "now" as the "to". Save that filter with the visualization. You may have to remove and re-add the visualization to your dashboard.

(Michael) #3

Can I do the same thing on a Visual Builder chart?

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