Show planes currently flying with kibana

I have the departure times of my planes, the arrival times when my planes arrived (else arrived_date is null). And I'm trying to make a graph to show at any time of the day how many planes are currently flying

In the discover I can do something for know the number of plane in the sky for one specific day #ExempleCode but I dont know how see this for one years (histogram) in the discover. For this I need to the depart_date and arrived_date

depart_date > "2019-06-10T00:00:00" and (arrived_date: null or arrived_date > "2019-07-10T00:00:00")

Do you have a specific solution ?

hmm, I'm not aware of a solution -- My first thought was to use a scripted field to accomplish this, but you'd need the scripted field to be aware of Kibana's time picker. There is a feature request for this though, you might want to add your support to that:

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