Show the difference between same aggregation in different time


I have created some some visualisation showing how many products exists every month. Is there any way to show the difference (in number) between 2 months?
For example, If in October we had 10 products and in November we had 15 products, then I would like show that the products increased by 5.

I tried timelion and I managed to visualise the difference in a timeseries graph but I want the number itself, show it is easier to see in a dashboard directly.

Thank you very much in advance!


You need to do a Serial Diff aggregation on the Count metric. This does exactly this: shows the difference between this bucket and previous bucket. In your case the buckets are a month.

Thank you @Marius_Dragomir for fast response!
Where? On Metric? I tried and there is no selection for serial diff aggregation.
I selected Unique count and then the field that I want to count. When I add metric there is no selection.

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