Visualize the difference of two groups of aggregation


I have a sum aggregation with grouping based on terms with two different values. I have the Time Series visualization like this:

What I want is to have a graph displaying only the differences per bucket of the current two graphs. This far I couldn't manage to do it. Could someone suggest which way to go? Maybe use another type of visualization?


So you would like to display the difference between in and out-partner ? Can you give me an example on how a document looks to see if this is possible?

The documents have a field "SourceContext" with the possible values of "in" and "out-partner" and the field "ms" with a number value. I want to aggregate the "ms" values grouped by the "SourceContext" and then have the difference of the aggregated values. And display only the difference with a graph.

I finally managed to achieve this using the Timelion visualization. There I have the .subtract() function with which I can display the difference of two timeseries.

I anyway still interested if this can be also achieved with the TimeSeries visualization.

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