Create visualizations out of results of different visualization

Hi, I would like to know if we can create visualizations out of results of different visualization.
I have created two visualizations as follows
This is min of a value based with aggregation:

This is max of the same aggregation

I would want to subtract the results of visualization like : max - min with the aggregation applied as same in max and min and then visualize the result.
Is it possible in Kibana? And how could I do it?


to visualize the difference between two outputs of a metrics aggregation (like min and max) you would need bucket script support. Unfortunately that is not yet implemented in Kibana and thus this is not possible :frowning:

You can follow the ticket #4707 for updates on this. If you work on timeseries charts (so not for this case), you could use timelion to create something like .es(metric=max:unixTime).minus(.es(metric=min:unixTime)).

For non time based data, you unfortunately need to wait for the bucket script support to be ready.


Hey Tim,

Thanks for clearing out the doubt.


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