Show time left using goal widget

EDIT: Sorry it looks like I misunderstood what I needed to do. I managed to resolve my issues.

I am trying to use the goal widget to show the amount of time left until something expires. For example, if I have an item that lasts 200 hours then I want to look at the first timestamp and latest timestamp and then calculate how much time has elapsed in between and use the goal widget to show that. I have data for multiple items all in one table so I first need to find the first and latest timestamp for a particular item and then calculate the amount of time that has been elapsed.

Is there any way to do this in Kibana?
Thank you!

Glad you got things worked out. If you could post your solution here that would be really helpful, as I'm sure others might have the same question.

I didn't exactly find a solution. I just figured out that my data already contained a column where the amount of time that had elapsed was being collected and realized that that column was what I needed to use.

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