Show two lines in the line graph

I have a csv uploaded to ES. In that 8th field contains Submit or Delivered or Undelivered. In the 12 the field I have SMSC_no_error or Error_with_system or Network_error. Now how to plot a line graph to show how many submits & how many SMSC_no_error based on data histogram

You can't do that with KB, you can with Timelion though.

I installed timelion plugin. How to move further to get that graph???

When I clicked the timelion icon in the browser its showing empty page. I restarted the kibana several times. But no luck. But marvel, kibana & sense are working as usual. Any help ???

@Ravi_Shanker_Reddy, can you open the Javascript Console and see if there are any errors?

You can access the Javascript Console in Chrome from View > Developer > Javascript Console.

Sorry for the above message. I find out the problem. I installed the wrong version of timelion to my 2.3.3 ES. When I updated my timelion all are fixed