Showing a percentage

I have products with certain prices.

Each price has different contributions such as taxes, transport and more.

Is there any way of showing these components on a pie?

I.e. to be able to see what piece of the total pie corresponds to taxes, what corresponds with transport, etc ...

Hey @tomak, would you mind describing the structure of your data in Elasticsearch? Are you looking for a Pie to represent the break-down for a single product, or the percentage each component (taxes, transport, etc.) contributes to the process across all products?

I would like to have a pie "for every product" i.e. I will filter on the product name.

I have the price of the product for every offer in one index.

In another index, I have all the other additional costs.

I want to see:

"for product A, the final price is composed of x% for the product itself, y% for transport, z% for taxes, ..."

@tomak you'll have to restructure your data to be able to create Visualizations from this data in Kibana. Kibana's Visualizations expect all the data to be in a single index, and can't do "lookups" from other indices. Once you have all the data in the same index, you can use the Pie Chart visualization to do what you're looking for.

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