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Hi, I am trying to show a percentage value on Kibana, but let me specify better the problem.
Basically I have two integer fields in two different indexes which are related to each other, the first one is computed on the documents of an index after applying some filter, the second one is just the cardinality of the second index.
What I want to show is the percentage given by the division of the first integer to the second one. (and then multiplied by 100), how can I show it visually in Kibana?
thank you in advance.
Just to be clear, I have no integers stored, the field I am referring to are computed on the documents I have, in fact these values are placed in a dashboard which is supposed to vary according to the filters given by the user

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Hi @demarco-ion ! As far as I know, we don't have any way to accomplish this kind of ad-hoc cross-index arithmetic in Kibana today.

However, we are actively working on a new query language called ESQL. Based on my understanding of your required calculation, it sounds like it will solve your case.

Actually, ESQL will still probably be the best answer when it is available, but you might be able to do this using the Canvas expression language.

After adding an element to a Canvas workpad, you can edit the underlying expression to fetch data and perform calculations using the available functions.

Does that look like it would suit your case?

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