Showing two different research kibana


I would like to know if we can made two different research and visualize them in the same window; for example I have two different VM and there is 7 CPUS in each one, so I'd like to show the average of use for 7 CPUS on VM1 and VM2 in the same window.

Thanks a lot.

Not 100% sure I follow, but if you use chart splitting you can split a chart by the VM, and then split the lines/bars/area by CPU, or you could do this in a data table in a similar way. So yes, should be possible. If you'd like more help coming up with the right visualization please share more info about your documents and I should be able to work up an example that might help.

Hi @spalger, yes of course in fact I have an output like that in elasticsearch:

source : "CoreId=1,Vm0", "CoreId=2,Vm0", "CoreId=3,Vm0"... "CoreId=7,Vm0", "CoreId=1,Vm1", "CoreId=2,Vm1"..."CoreId=7,Vm1"

so in each line there is the name and the ID of my CPU in the same field. So how I can use chart split by VM ? Thanks

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