Shrinking an index if it is smaller than a certain value

Goodmorning all,
I am trying to implement this feature in my environment, and was wondering if it was possible:
I have a log index that is created daily, and is mapped on 5 shards, 1 replica. At the end of the day, I want to check the size of the index and, if it is smaller than 10 GB, shrink it down to 2 shards, 1 replica.
I've read through the index lifecycle management documentation and toyed around with the policy creation GUI, but I can't seem to produce the desired effect, as I can only reach the "warm" phase, which contains the shrink action, either unconditionally or using a condition that check if the index is larger than a certain value, not smaller.
Any ideas?

Hi Orlando,

Unfortunately this is not possible with ILM, we don't have conditional actions (other than rollover). I am wondering, though, why not just shrink all of the indices irregardless of size?

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