SIEM created and closed cases report

Hello, I looked information if there is a possibility to export info about created and closed cases (also tags associated with cases and other related info) in ELK SIEM, but I coudn't find any information. Is there a way to export information from SIEM section Cases?


Hey Ema,

Thanks for your question! The Cases plugin supports creating external incidents as described here: Create or update an external incident | Elastic Security Solution [7.12] | Elastic

Unfortunately beyond that we don't have a way to export Cases at the moment but it is something we're hoping to incorporate!


Thank you for your response.
I am curious is there any way to create statistic chart, table or any other statistic visualization of open, closed cases within Elastic? Like dashboard or canvas?

Hi @bnk

It is not possible to do it through Cases. Nevertheless, there is a way to do it. You have to create the .kibana* index pattern and then go to canvas or dashboard and select the index pattern. Then you can filter like cases.status: "closed" and use a count metric or use the values from there to create visualizations. Be aware that this is a system index and that the data structures may not be very "dashboard friendly".


Thank you @christos.nasikas for your response! With your guidance we have managed to create a dashboard for closed cases. In your suggested .kibana* index, there are no info about "open" cases. Is there any way to include info or create new index about created and still open cases?


Hey @bnk

Cases at the moment support three statuses: open, in-progress, and closed. Have you tried to create the dashboard with cases.status: "open" ?

I created filter with Controls visualization, where I can filter out whole dashboard "closed" and "open" cases , only one visualization in a dashboard shows "Open" case. That visualization was created with cases.created_at field. Other visualizations do not show data at all. It seems that they count only "Closed" cases. For example, Metrics visualization (which counts sum of all cases) shows 0 open cases though where is 1. I edited it: aggregation is set to count, I've created a bucket with aggregation -> Filter -> cases.status :"open" -> update. But result were the same, zero open cases .
I think I am doing something wrong :frowning:


Hey @bnk

I managed to reproduce what you are saying. I think the problem is with the index pattern. You need to be a bit more specific with the index pattern. Mine was .kibana-*. I changed it to .kibana-nasikas_8.0.0 and it worked.

Steps to produce what you want:

  1. Go to Stack Management -> Index Patterns
  2. Click to Create index pattern and check Include system and hidden indices
  3. Put as Index pattern name .kibana_<your_versions>. You don't want to inlude .kibana-task-manager and .kibana-event-log
  4. Select @timestamp as the time field.
  5. Go to Analytics -> Dashboard -> Create visualization
  6. Select your index pattern

  1. Adjust your time range to include the cases you want.

  1. Search for the cases.status field name. It should be on the Available fields

  1. Drag and drop the field to the right area

You should be able to see some diagrams with your data.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any help.


Thank you @christos.nasikas for detailed answer.
After I wrote a comment, I started analyzing .kibana-* index and I determined that the problem was in the index.
Thanks you once again, I managed to create a dashboard where I see all cases (open and closed).

Best Regards

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You are welcome! I am glad that you managed to create your dashboards.

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