SIEM created and closed cases report

Hello, I looked information if there is a possibility to export info about created and closed cases (also tags associated with cases and other related info) in ELK SIEM, but I coudn't find any information. Is there a way to export information from SIEM section Cases?


Hey Ema,

Thanks for your question! The Cases plugin supports creating external incidents as described here: Create or update an external incident | Elastic Security Solution [7.12] | Elastic

Unfortunately beyond that we don't have a way to export Cases at the moment but it is something we're hoping to incorporate!


Thank you for your response.
I am curious is there any way to create statistic chart, table or any other statistic visualization of open, closed cases within Elastic? Like dashboard or canvas?

Hi @bnk

It is not possible to do it through Cases. Nevertheless, there is a way to do it. You have to create the .kibana* index pattern and then go to canvas or dashboard and select the index pattern. Then you can filter like cases.status: "closed" and use a count metric or use the values from there to create visualizations. Be aware that this is a system index and that the data structures may not be very "dashboard friendly".


Thank you @christos.nasikas for your response! With your guidance we have managed to create a dashboard for closed cases. In your suggested .kibana* index, there are no info about "open" cases. Is there any way to include info or create new index about created and still open cases?


Hey @bnk

Cases at the moment support three statuses: open, in-progress, and closed. Have you tried to create the dashboard with cases.status: "open" ?

I created filter with Controls visualization, where I can filter out whole dashboard "closed" and "open" cases , only one visualization in a dashboard shows "Open" case. That visualization was created with cases.created_at field. Other visualizations do not show data at all. It seems that they count only "Closed" cases. For example, Metrics visualization (which counts sum of all cases) shows 0 open cases though where is 1. I edited it: aggregation is set to count, I've created a bucket with aggregation -> Filter -> cases.status :"open" -> update. But result were the same, zero open cases .
I think I am doing something wrong :frowning: