Significance of the property ignore_above>256 in ElasticSearch


I have created index with default configuration . Ex:- 1 shard and ignore_above>256.

But when i am pushing string which has more than 300 characters, Elaticsearch is indexing the data and also all 300 characters are visible in Kibana.

Can you please help me to understand what is the significance of the property ignore_above>256. If i am not wrong according to the property ignore_above256 if i am pushing the data which has more than 256 characters, data should be truncated. Can you please help me here.

Varun S

Elasticsearch does not modify the source document. That's why you can see it entirely.

If you try to run a Terms aggregation on this field you will see that it has been truncated though.

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Hi @dadoonet,

Thanks for your reply..

If i explicitly set the value for the property ignore_above>300 for a field, If i use the same field in the aggregation. Then the data will be truncated?


Hi @dadoonet,

Thanks for your reply.

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