Significant Terms Aggregation to many fields


I would like to how to make Significant Terms Aggregation on many fields

i found in the docs, that I can make aggregation over aggergation (parent) , but im afraid its only "affect" the doc_count value and not the bg_count value (the bg_count value is to only one field)

my wish is the to have a doc_count and bg_count values, based on the two or more fields (score based on combination of fields,rather than one field)

any idea how to do it?


If I understand the question correctly you want significant terms where the count of docs containing a term is computed from either uses of the term in field 1 OR field 2.
That is not possible using this aggregation. However you could use the copy_to feature of mapping definition s to create a combined field (e.g. "field1And2") and copy the contents of field 1 and 2 to it.

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