Significant text


Order command not working.I also visualize how to add code on the dashboard to kibana.

Kibana dasboard also has significant terms but not significant text. How do I make significant text graph in visualize dashboard.


I signed up today, I acted my question today, no one comes back, I would appreciate if you help

This forum is manned by volunteers, so you need to be patient. If you have not received any response after 2-3 working days it is fine to bump the thread. Sometimes it takes a while for the right person with the right knowledge to see the thread so response time will depend on the nature of your query and how much information you provide.

I'm talking about those who're dealing with this question.
Please give me the missing information.
You're right, maybe I've asked hard questions.

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By design. Prioritisation is based on significance score which is not the same as count.

Not currently possible - add your vote for that feature.