Similarity plugin in ES > 6


can someone point me how I could build a plugin that introduces a new Lucene similarity class?
So I can then call

PUT /index
    "settings" : {
        "index" : {
            "similarity" : {
              "dssm" : {
                "type" : "dssm",
                "model" : "intent_optimized.pb"

public class DSSM extends Similarity {

thanks in advance

Currently custom similarity implementations are added on a per index basis. In your plugin extend the Plugin class, and override the onIndexModule method. Then call IndexModule.addSimilarity.

@rjernst thanks for the support.
I have done a simple test working perfectly

indexModule.addSimilarity("BM25_CLONED", SimilarityService.BUILT_IN.get("BM25"));

I see that I have to set a Trifunction with parameters settings, version and scriptService. While settings seems to be accesible in plugin (actually not the same but a List of Setting ), not sure how access or generate version and scriptService.

Any direction to follow?

@rjernst I saw that it simply works.

indexModule.addSimilarity("BM25_CLONED", (settings, version, scriptService) -> createBM25Similarity(settings, version, scriptService));

Thanks a lot for the support

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