Simple grapth of 2 values

Hi everyone. I have this much of information

and I want 2 values (WLNode and JSession) to be displayed on a graph.

I want to see amount of JSession of each WLNode to be more specific.

I really tried to figure it out myself but I couldn't, so I would appreciate any help. Thanx in advance.

Go to visualize, add a ?Bar chart? or datatable if you please.

Change the metric from count to sum and select the JSession field for it.
Then Split the bar/datatable rows on term->WL Node.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. But when I change metric from count to sum Filed list appears but it's empty, only when "Unique count" type of aggregation selected Field list has all my fields.
Any other ideas?

Sum , average and other such aggregations can only be performed on number types. If JSession is not in the field list , then the field is probably mapped as a string.

Check your index mapping.
Unfortunately (as far as I know) you cant change a field mapping once data is loaded.. you'll have to re-index your data.

Yep, you're right, it's string, actually I thought about that, hoped it can conver data on the fly, will look for a way to convert this field to number then will try to do like you advised. Thanx again!