Simple Pie chart question

I have a number of documents, each documents has "input bytes", "output bytes", "total bytes", the "total bytes" is the sum of the "input bytes" and "output bytes".

I want to create a pie chart display the ratio of the aggregated sum of input/output.

So I create a pie chart visual object. On metric->slice size, I chose aggregate Sum, fields "total bytes",

Then in the bucket->split slices, I do not know what aggregation should I use,

This seems to be very basic application, could someone help me to understand?


To make sure I understand, you want two slices in your pie chart, one for "sum of input bytes" and one for "sum of output bytes"?

This isn't currently an option unless you indexed your input/output data as separate documents. I'm not saying you should, but it would be possible that way.

You could do this wis a vertical or horizontal bar chart though, those visualizations support adding multiple metrics, which is how you would so something like this. Here is an example of a horizontal bar chart that is using the two metric aggregations to render both values as bars on the chart:

If you wanted this to render a bit more like a pie chart would, you could go into the "Metrics & Axes" options, set both metrics to "stacked" mode, and disable rendering the X-Axis

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