`simple_query_string` unsupported field `auto_generate_phrase_queries`

(Yandooo) #1

I google around and didn't find answer.

Any reasons why this property is unsupported in simple query string query?

The next step for me could be to check actual lucene code if simple query string supports that parameter...


(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #2

Hi @yandooo,

the query string query in Elasticsearch uses Lucene's QueryParser under the hood whereas the simple query string query uses Lucene's SimpleQueryParser. While QueryParser can autogenerate phrase queries, SimpleQueryParser cannot. That's the reason Elasticsearch does not support this parameter.


(Yandooo) #3


thanks for the reply.

I see it's different hierarchy of QueryParser objects. I might need to check with Apache lucene community why it's like this.


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