Simple way to get a stream of all search terms posted to the elasticserver

hey folks!
I'm completely new to elastic but I already love it.
I'm using it in combination with a magento webshop.

What would be the best practice of getting a stream or any connection to the elasticsearch server to get all the search queries posted to the server?

(I want to display the search queries on a dot matrix display.)

Thank you for your answers in advance!



What you need is an access.log, I am not sure this is possible with ES.

But you could add a Nginx as a proxy, and configure access log to it.

Or the best is to log queries within your Php application.

Hey Thomas

Thank you for responding.
So first you mean i should create a logfile and tail this file to my service.

Is ES generating logs or are there any other plugins needed such als LogStash?


Nop you must write it!

This could be a very nice feature, log all queries sent with some stat (ressources consumed, duration, hits ...).

According your queries volume, you could simply use Php error_log method to append queries to file. (Or another elasticsearch ^^ index).