Size of Closed Index

(Tanwer Siddiqui) #1

Hi All

How could we check the size of Closed Index on filesystem in Elasticsearch.

(Mark Walkom) #2

You could find all the directories on all the nodes and then do a du -sh and add that together.

Otherwise there is no way for ES to tell. But there should be, so I'll raise a GH feature request for that.

(Mark Walkom) #3


(Tanwer Siddiqui) #4

Hi Mark,

Doing du -sh returns the file size as 53M of an open State index and simultaneously when i run the command http://localhost:9200//stats/_store ... It returns the size as 264 M.

So i find its different

(Mark Walkom) #5

Is that on all the directories though?
You may have more than one shard, you may have more than one node.

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