Slef-host elasticsearch with azure ad sso SAML

Recently created a self-host Elasticsearch and Kibana version 8.10 in Azure VM. Both working fine now.
Like to get Azure AD SSO enable when user open kibana. But did not see a good document for how to set it up. Only find document set up for Elastic Cloud. Set up SAML with Azure Active Directory | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic

Can anyone please help out.

If I'm not wrong is basically the same.

You configure it in Azure and then you add the Elasticsearch configurations in your elasticsearch.yml file and the Kibana configurations in your kibana.yml file.

Also, for this to work you need a paid license, but you can test it with the trial license.

Hi Leandro,
Thank you for checking. The paid license you refer to Azure AD license or Elasitc?

Elastic, the SSO only works if you have a paid license, you can test with the trial license for 30 days.

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