SLI / SLO dashboard

Hi there,

I'm a new user of Kibana and I want to create a custom dashboard.
More precisely an SLO/SLI dashboard.
I want to begin with simple formulas such as:
99,9 % of successful requests on service A (EB: 1% of total requests)
97 % of responses < 20 ms on service B (EB: 3% of total responses)

But I didn't find a way to do it.
Is it possible to get a value based on a simple (or complex) formula?
I only find a way to create a dashboard based on a ratio filter.

Have a nice day!

Can you show how a document would look like and specify exactly what you need done to get from that data? Initially you should be able to do it with percentages and filters but it really depends on the data format and how you want it displayed.

Hi Marius,

Here is an example of what it looks like, build with another solution. No need to have all the value at the beginning, just a few of them will be a good start.

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