Slow log not working in ES6

Below are my settings in, am using 6.3.0. But slow log doesn't log anything.

appender.index_indexing_slowlog_rolling.fileName = {sys:es.logs.base_path}{sys:file.separator}{sys:es.logs.cluster_name}_index_indexing_slowlog.log appender.index_indexing_slowlog_rolling.filePattern = {sys:es.logs.base_path}{sys:file.separator}{sys:es.logs.cluster_name}_index_indexing_slowlog-%d{yyyy-MM-dd}.log
index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.warn: 1ms 1ms
index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.debug: 1ms
index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.trace: 5ms
index.indexing.slowlog.level: info
index.indexing.slowlog.source: 1000

I always find it is 0bytes. How does these variables work? I have given 1ms to log in slow log.

~# ls -ltr /var/log/elasticsearch/ | grep -i slow
-rw-r--r-- 1 elasticsearch elasticsearch 0 Jan 2 20:38 prd-es6_index_search_slowlog.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 elasticsearch elasticsearch 0 Jan 2 20:38 prd-es6_index_indexing_slowlog.log

I think you need to do more then just configure log4j.

Please have a look here. Those are the docs for slowlog.


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