Slow performance compare to v1.7 when using 5.x

I found an issue that might be the root cause

Slow performance on HDD #16676

Can anyone help to explain what is the reason behind the index.translog.durability
was added since v2.x?

Does v1.7 default behavior equals to index.translog.durability: async

What is the benefit to set index.translog.durability: request?

Looking forward your input. Thanks

index.translog.durability: async is what you had in 1.7 indeed.

Setting that can cause data loss. So activate that only if you don't care about your data.

Then use bulk API and the price of this change should be minimal IMO.
Use SSD drives if you are not using them yet.

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Thanks for your reply. Since we have async in v1.7 and we use 1.7 for a while without critical data problem, I think I can take that price.

Of course, to use bulk operation would be next step to enhance. Finally, I got this setting, at first I thought that was merge policy settings problem cause the problem.

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