Snapshot and restore to different disks


I want to set up Elasticsearch 7.5 offline backups and I found the "Snapshot and Restore" functionality in Kibana (

This tells me that I have the option to backup to a shared disk location - I have 1 external disk mapped to every node in my cluster seperately and my hypervisor doesn't allow a shared disk - can I still backup to different disks - or will that not work i.e. will it create broken or duplicated data?


  • Sami

Hi @samiujan

I'm afraid you'll need a shared disk location as a snapshot repository. Taking a snapshot is a distributed process and only if both master- and data-nodes have access to the same shared path will it work out correctly.

Maybe you can add e.g. a Minio server that mounts your external drive to your deployment and use the S3 repository plugin to work around this issue?

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