Snapshot in local drive

Can we take snapshot of index on the local drive. All the docs are pointing towards snapshot in cloud providers and no doc for how to snapshot to a local network drive.

Have a look at Shared file system repository | Elasticsearch Guide [8.12] | Elastic

All nodes need to be able to read and write to the same repository, so local disk is only possible if all your nodes are on the same host. As David pointed out you need a shared filesysten, e.g. NFS mount.

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Yes the shared location do have access to all nodes in the clusters.

This does not add up. Can you please clarify?

The path to the repo must be the same across all nodes but if one node writes a file this must immediately be available to all other nodes as well.

Even if you could share a directory on a local drive I do not think you want to use that for snapshots as losing that node would also result in the loss of the snapshot.

The local drive i mentioned is a mapped network drive which is assigned the same drive letter across all nodes in the cluster. Hence the path will be same across all nodes.

Currently, we are doing snapshot to migrate data from one environment to another environment. Snapshot from one environment will be restored in another environment which has same elastic version.

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