Snapshot and restore users, spaces and aliases

Hello, we are finally moving ahead with STIRing our data (earlier post for context Help a non-profit STIR the data ) And we have now found challenges while moving data to the main cluster.

We are on 7.9.2 now, still on a basic license. We are using the S3 repository plugin, and we are able to sucessfully snapshot the data and restore.

But there are many other things that need to be copied besides the data. For instance, I created a snapshot policy that included the .security index, and I ended up in a messy situation seeing this message:

"stacktrace": ["java.lang.IllegalStateException: Alias [.security] points to more than one index: [.security-7_from_stg_from_stg, .security-7]",

I tried exporting and importing saved objects for visualizations and other configurations, but I'm not sure if this was also the cause of the mess. I was unable to log in, and I had to completely delete the deployment and the persistent volumes, because even if I tried to delete the data it would still remember the problem with the alias.

Also, we are using aliases to have multiple versions of an index and point to the "correct" one, but I found no way of exporting aliases and spaces.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hello, we have confirmed that:

  1. Every time we try to restore indexes they need to be renamed to avoid clashing with existent ones
  2. Aliases are imported together with the indexes, this creates multiple indexes with the same alias
  3. This causes Elastic to return duplicated documents for queries to the alias

Right now the only solution we have found is to manually delete the aliases from old indexes after the import, but we have not found a way to automate or avoid this step.

Please help.

Hello, an update on this.

So what we're having to do is restore and then switch the aliases by hand.

We have found no automatic way to detect the "old" aliases. Is there a way to filter aliases by creation date? or sorting them and then deleting them from a single script?

Please help, this post has 25 days and it's not been addressed, why could this be?

Previous post had fast anwers for us.


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